Sharp Moves & Dirty Minds EP

by Try Acrobatics

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released April 3, 2011

Recorded January / February 2011 at Mailmen Studios, Utrecht and MuzyQ Studios, Amsterdam

Engineered by Martijn Groeneveld and Pim van de Werken
Mixed and produced by Pim van de Werken

All music by Try Acrobatics
All tracks written by B. Snijders & W.J. Toebes
Lyrics by W.J. Toebes

Artwork by




Try Acrobatics Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fresh alternative 'synth vs. guitarpop' from Amsterdam!

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Track Name: A Celebration Of Some Kind
Can you tell I’m losing sleep?
Should get a warning every morning...
Can it get better, if you would just drop on by?

You bet it does and it’s not to offend:
Only recently it came to my mind
You’re the one that sticks around most of the time

Skip the rush, the line, do it your way
I bet Sinatra would agree, but I say:

The way you dance in my head
Makes me rock ‘n roll
Sharp moves and dirty minds...
A celebration of some kind!

Halfway, a little time to go
I’ve come, a short, short way from yesterday
But thanks to you now I’m lifting myself out of space!

I sure did play a lot of games
About the winning, the wondering why
Could I manage to finish just in time?
Track Name: Annual Checkup
Keep on sticking to my plan
Let’s stick together, ‘cause we can!
While everybody knows
Can’t be more obvious, it shows...

But I don't exactly know
Why I keep visiting you
‘Cause all you do is tell
With a look, so professional:

Do you ever wonder where I'm going?
Do you worry 'bout my steps or about my moves? ‘Cause baby...

I certainly won't hold anything
Against you if you did the same to me, but...
I can't stand this feeling, stand this feeling
All that it takes, is only some
Approval of the things we've done
Tell me when is my next appointment / disappointment?

I remember you so well
You made me impressed most of the time
Acting really tough
Was it ever enough for you?

I’ve come to realize
This care is at a high prize
But I’ll be back here next year, 'cause...
Track Name: Rat Race
Tell me why, how and when
Paint me a picture, that’s bright and colorful
It’s been quite a while since then
I can tell you have been trying to look beautiful

Still I don’t know how, I don’t know why
How do people manage? Why do people keep in touch?
Wish I could let it all slide
I’d thank you very much!

I will never play a new part in your rat race
I’ll be moving forward at great speed, I should...
I will never say it straight into your sad face:
‘I love your pretty lies, they seem so true’
If only I could tell you!

Why don’t you take a look around?
I've opened up in every single way
I might even become your friend, but only...
If you tell me something funny every day

Faces that I hardly know
Why do people bother? Why do people even care?
I know we’re all just grand voyeurs
But I guess I’m just the same

We couldn’t care less about
We couldn’t care less, no doubt!
We couldn’t care less about you (WOWOWOWOWO)
Track Name: 60 Years Of TV (Competition Me And You)
Don’t you underestimate
I’m a ‘7 page expert’, that’s what they say
Although my head got smaller day by day

Like the time I successfully
Managed to trick you into believing me
I’m reproducing 60 years of TV

What do you know, what do you know?
I’ll promise you this favor, but...
I’ll whisper to you once more
More and more....WHOOHOOOHOOO

I hit you left WHOOHOOO
Hit me right back, YOU DO!
I’ve taken quite a few
In ‘competition me and you’

So funny to notice
What you said, what you did, there’s no match at all
You’ve granted me a head start after all

Monday you went straight right
On Tuesday it turned out you had turned left
Doesn’t matter, stay away regrets!

Now let me have my consolation prize
Negotiate peace to end this fight all right?
Some fair competition isn’t bothering me
As long as I get to be the referee...