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Mirror, mirror on the wall
No need to turn your back when you don’t care at all

Two faces, don’t they look the same?
Too much in common, told you it’s a crying shame

When everything is right, I’m the real one
When everything goes wrong, I’m the fake one

Replica, replica!
I try to be your fascination
Your inspiration too
Replica, replica!
So much more than decoration
I’m faking being you…

Double paintings on the wall
Please tell me I’m the only one you’ve seen so far

It struck me when I found out why
Turned out to be mistaken for some other guy

I said: stick to it, do it
Just try to break a piece
I said: stick to it, do it
Seven unlucky years?


released June 11, 2012
Recorded 31 May 2012 at Arnold Mühren Studios, Volendam

Engineered by Patrick Mühren
Mixed and produced by Patrick Mühren

All music by Try Acrobatics
All tracks written by B. Snijders & W.J. Toebes
Lyrics by W.J. Toebes




Try Acrobatics Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fresh alternative 'synth vs. guitarpop' from Amsterdam!

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